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Mr. Lucky grew up in Inglewood, California performing in a musical theater group called The Apollo West Carson Players and at a very young age; had the love for dance and choreography spark inside of him. It became his passion when he saw the late Aaliyah's music video for her hit song Are You That Somebody in 1998. To him, the music video showcased a talent that was undeniable and from then on, inspiring others through performance became a goal that he adamantly pursues.

Starting his professional career as a krump dancer, Mr. Lucky's early work includes appearances in RIZE and Be Cool. Choreographing for the ASYM Awards, TUG recording artists Jhene Aiko, Mila J, O'Ryan, and a national commercial for Sunny Delight offered him the opportunity learn as much as he could from the directors that he was blessed to work with.

Since then, he has pushed his creativity to the next level through working with Gnarls Barkley, Jamie Foxx, Ms. Triniti, Ozomatli, and Ashanti while also appearing in commercial ads for Sprite, Hyundai, and BBC America.

Mr. Lucky was selected as an onscreen choreographer and dance partner for Oxygen's hit competition show Dance Your A** Off and his choreography/staging for the off -Broadway remake of the 1975 choreopoem "For Colored Girls" by Ntozake Shange received two nominations from the NAACP Theatre Awards 2011. He also had the pleasure of choreographing the promotional spot dates and television performances for Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday album including the Femme Fatale Tour and Good Morning America.

To this day, Mr. Lucky maintains the belief that no job, amount of money or self-doubt are worth the price you pay for not following your dream.

SOS artistry

S.O.S. Artistry (South Of Sunset) has developed convenient access to marketing/branding tools, artist development packages, and tailored dance services available for recreational and professional performers. Industry clients are given creative lesson plans to foster their growth in performance techniques, choreography, and stage presence.

"The soul’s infatuation with music and lyrics can never be explained. That delightful intrigue of personal experience is priceless. If we lived in a perfect world, that’s all that would matter but now, social media and quick presentation is a key element to success. I wanted to create a focus on the particulars of branding and the opportunity to take time to develop physically in order to compete in the commercial music and dance industries. I’ve been blessed to be inspired by the people I grew up with and have met along my journey that are immensely artistic and passionate about their craft.

South of Sunset is homage to underprivileged cities all over the world that produce tremendously talented individuals while still, somehow maintaining such a negative connotation. The heart of Los Angeles is 15 minutes South of Hollywood but some people have never been below Sunset to truly experience the culture that thrives there. SOS takes a fervent stand against the misplaced ideal that gang activity, single mothers, constant crime, and fear are the only things that brew from inner city areas.”
-Mr. Lucky

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Giving Back

Flash Mob America

Mr. Lucky has teamed up with Flash Mob America to celebrate WANDA BETHEA & promote the 3rd Annual SOS Holiday Toy Drive!
Wanda Marie Francis Bethea started as a counselor at Urban Kids Camp in 2005. Their main objective is to expose inner city children to the wanders and tranquility of nature with a focus on strengthening their relationship with God. In 2009, she was asked to become the dean of the camp and has been working diligently in her position since then.
Wanda Bethea donates a week of her personal vacation time from work to provide ample attention to the enormous responsibilities. Yes, she does all of this free of charge!
By watching her with the children, it is evident that giving her time to her community is truly her passion.

Operation Unite

Workshop series tailored for all aspiring dancers wanting to get immerse in different styles of the art, while building a better understanding of the commercial dance industry. A portion of the proceeds go to benefit cancer care facilities of some of the most notable care providers in the country.
{ Mr. Lucky + collectiveUth + Dancers Unlimited }

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Pasadena GOOD DEED Flash Mob Pasadena GOOD DEED Flash Mob
Operation unite
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Jesus lives

As a young man, I would come to my mom with worries I had about pursuing a career that had a seemingly unpredictable future. But through it all, I knew I had a unyielding passion to create visual concepts in dance! Whenever I was faced with challenges, career decisions, dilemmas, and successes, my mom would always tell me, "... Jesus lives". I didn't know what it meant during my teenage years, but as I grew older, I noticed that those 2 words constantly uplifted me. I believe that if the God that I serve had the power to bring his Son back from the dead after 3 days, then He could handle any obstacle that stood before me. This shirt amplifies the message that has rooted my spiritual ground. It is my hope that the "Jesus Lives" shirt will be a token of inspiration for everyone who sees or wears it to help maintain a constant strength through adversities; no matter what they may face.

Coming soon... (contact Mr. Lucky for more info).
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